Therapeutic facilities

  • Preterm and extreme preterm care NICU
  • Level 2 NICU with ventilatory care and surfactant delivery facilities
  • Non invasive neonatal ventilation-CPAP
  • Functional USG and echo for point of care critical NICU services
  • Therapeutic hypothermia(Mira cradle) for birth asphyxia
  • Minor OT
  • General paediatric indoor admission facility
  • Immunisation services
  • Well baby clinic
  • 24 hours emergency services

Diagnostic and miscellaneous facilities

  • EEG (electronencephalography)
  • ECG(electrocardiography)
  • OAE(otoacoustic emission) hearing screen test
  • USG(general and functional ultrasonography)
  • 2D ECHO and functional 2d echo
  • TcB (transcutaneous bilirubinometry)
  • In-house basic haematology and biochemistry lab services
  • X-ray facilities
  • Blood gas analysis
  • In-house pharmacy
  • 24 hours generator backup
  • Central oxygen and compressed air supply
USG Machine
Echo-Screen Plus Echo-Screen Plus BiliCare Aspen Mindray BC-5000 AVEA Ventilator Mira Cradle NICU O.T. Procedure
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